Off Road Vehicle

4x4 ATV golf cart

  • Passenger capacity: 4
    Battery : deep cycle, lead acid battery Trojan T875
    Controller : 2XCurtis 1244
    Motor Power: Front 3.8KW ,   rear 5.3KW  DC
    Charger: Delta Q charger 48V
    Overall Dimension: 3120x1395x1990
    Min. turning radius : 3.8m
    Max. climbing ability : 45%
    Maximum speed : 30 km/h
    Maximum mileage : > 40 (flat road )
    Wheel & Tyre : 12×7 Steel   wheel,  24 x 8-12 tyre
4x4 ATV golf cart


Searching online for lifted golf carts with all terrain tires designed to be used both on and off road? Then explore our inventory of rough road golf carts. These electric off road buggies are built tough enough to withstand any terrain. From lifted 2 seaters to 4×4 electric off road golf carts, we have a large inventory perfect for your needs.