Solar Electric Cart

Electric personal carrier with solar panel

  • Passenger capacity: 6
  • Battery : deep cycle, lead acid battery Trojan USA
  • Controller : Curtis controller
  • Motor Power: 3.8KW/5KW DC
  • Charger: Delta Q charger 48V
  • Overall Dimension: 3750X1400X1810
  • Max loading weight: 450 Kgs
  • Min. turning radius : 4m
  • Max. climbing ability : 20%
  • Maximum speed : 35 km/h
  • Maximum mileage : > 70 (flat road )
  • Wheel & Tyre : 20.5×8.0-10   tire, 6J-10 steel wheel
Electric personal carrier with solar panel


Unlike traditional golf cars that use only lead-acid batteries, our electric solar golf cart is also equipped with a built-in solar panel. The solar panel is 185W/48V and gives about 15% more range on a sunny day. Electric solar golf cars in UAE are growing in popularity, so consult with us for an affordable, yet powerful golf cart upgrade.