Special Vehicles

Electric Tractor

  • Passenger capacity: 1
  • Battery : Trojan battery 12xT105(185Ah@5hr   rate)
  • Controller : Curtis   1209 (400A@2minutes)
  • Motor Power: 10KW 
  • Charger: Offboard Delta-Q 72V/12A 2pcs
  • Overall Dimension: 2350X1180X1800
  • Max towing capacity : 5000 Kgs
  • Min. turning radius : 3m
  • Max. climbing ability : 10%
  • Maximum speed : 25 km/h
  • Wheel & Tyre : Front 12*3.00D steel rim, rear 5.60-13 steel rim, 6.5-10′ tyre
Electric Tractor


Here at Happy Jump golf carts, if there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s make your electric golf cart faster and more efficient. To support this, we carry an all-inclusive selection of golf cart performance upgrades, including high performance golf cart motors, golf cart controllers, high quality disc brake systems with top of the break cable and pad brake sets for optimum breaking performance.