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Manufacturing Golf Carts Under The Brand “Made in UAE” – Marasi News

Electric cars are invading the markets creating an opportunity for investment and development. “Happy Jump” took the chance and entered the market to succeeded in developing luxury golf cars using cutting-edge technology to become today one of the leading electric car manufacturers. The Company is creating unique golf car designs to match the culture in UAE and to fulfill the needs of its customers with the highest quality standards and most affordable golf car prices that appeals to all. Mr. Alaa Eddin Ghannam, the General Manager of “Happy Jump” exclusively told Marasi Yachts his success story and the company’s achievements since its establishment.

Can we get an overview about your company and how did you manage to establish the electric cars factory? 

Our company was established 15 years ago. We started by manufacturing big electric park gaming facilities then electric trains where there was a great demand on these products at the beginning, but we could not proceed in producing these products due to the big competition we faced in the market, as same products were being imported from China and the United States of America.

Therefore, how did you get over this problem?

We have found another big opportunity free of competition. We decided to invest in the high quality electric cars designed for clubs (Golf Cars). Hence, we have shifted our production lines to produce these golf buggies. We are pleased that today we became amongst top 2 golf car manufacturers in the UAE and KSA. Moving on, we have shifted from manufacturing simple electric cars to producing customized electric cars, such as: electric fire trucks, ambulance golf carts, hotel service golf cars and fancy yet vintage electric vehicle that imitate the classic rolls Royce but in a classic golf cart design

Can these fancy and customized cars be used in the cities on the public street?

In fact, these cars are not for public use, they are limited to those who like to collect electric carts or who have villas with large gardens and multiple facilities. They will use these custom designed carts to travel in their villas and to welcome their guests.

How do you deal with the weather in the UAE? And is it affecting the production of high efficiency electric cars? 

We have turned the challenge we faced because of the hot weather to an opportunity. We have benefited from the hot climate in the UAE and supplied our cars with solar panels that contributed in saving 30% of the total electric power needed to run the car. At this stage we have used small solar panels. However, if we will use bigger panels, the energy generated will be more as well. Consequently, these cars contribute significantly in protecting the environment and the consumers from risk diseases caused from air pollution such as cancer.

Can we get an idea about the battery types used in the electric cars considering the hot weather in the UAE?

There are 3 different battery types used in electric cars, such as: Acid Trojan batteries, Gel batteries and the newest golf car Lithium batteries. Acid batteries are considered the oldest amongst the others and they are known for being strong and long lasting, however it is slow in providing the needed electric energy to run the car. Gel acids are a bit more expensive compared to other batteries and finally comes the Lithium batteries. These golf car batteries are robust but they are still under testing and need more improvements as they have the risk of explosion when their temperature increase. That’s why we use Acid batteries in most of the carts we produce.

What is the distance that an electric car can complete?

Electric cars can complete a maximum distance of 30-40 KM at a speed of 30-40 meters per hour irrespective of the size of the car.  These cars can be charged at home similar to charging a mobile phone. However, people tend to make a common mistake by leaving the golf cart without charging which affects the lifecycle of the battery.

Can we get an idea about the average price of these cars?

The prices of our carts varies depending on their size, capacity, design and specifications.  Prices starts from 22,000 AED to 130,000 AED. But this obviously changes based on whether you need a 2 seater golf car, 4 seater golf car, 6 seater golf car and 8 seater golf car.

Would you please tell us what are the disadvantages of these cars?

Despite the great benefits of electric cars, there are a few disadvantages such as: the low speed, inability to travel for long distances in comparison with fuel cars and it’s difficult to provide them with air conditioners at this stage. However, in the future we will overcome these difficulties through constant research depending on technology to enhance and develop environment friendly cars.

From where do you export the parts that you are using in the manufacturing of electric cars?

In our industry, we use two types of body frames that we import from China. These frames are the manufactured either by “fiber glass” or by “injection molds”. We are also importing batteries, engines and other equipment from Germany and the United States of America. Equipment like the golf car Curtis controller is made in the North America, EV Trojan Batteries in America and Delta Q quiq charger made in germany. In our factory, we assemble these components in order to reduce the cost for our customers as importing these cars assembled will make the cost of the product very high.

How do your contribute in enhancing the brand “Made in UAE” and are you planning to open branches outside of UAE?

The UAE enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the world. This has significantly contributed in our success. Moreover, the UAE has embraced us and provided a lot of support to our business. In addition, the UAE enjoys powerful economy and strong internal security. These are major important factors that affected the success of our projects. As well as, the magnificent technological development and the remarkable urban progress that facilitates the selling process in the whole region. Not to forget the importance of ports available in the UAE and the integrated facilities involved in the importing and exporting process. We are delighted and honored to manufacture exceptional products under the brand “Made in UAE”. Therefore, we are not thinking at this point to open any branches outside the UAE especially that we are exporting our products worldwide from our main branch in Abu Dhabi.

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