The Most Common

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we sell new and pre-owned golf carts. Come and visit us to check out a cart that suits you. We also have an extensive selection of used golf carts and used club cars readily available.

We are a factory authorized Eagle dealer. We carry new Eagle, LVTONG, Marshell and club car models.

Overall golf cart weight depends on the vehicle’s powertrain, seating, and model type. Weight can range from 600 lbs to 1800 lbs. Check vehicle specifications by calling us for further details.

Absolutely! This is probably our favorite service at Happy Jump. It is delightful to help you design your cart personalized entirely for you. we can install accessories include stereos, lift kits, flip rear seats, golf cart bag holders, custom painted bodies, colored interior, cargo boxes, chrome wheels, etc. We also offer battery and controller upgrades, as well as, motor upgrades.

Electric. Golf carts are now electric powered by a rechargeable battery pack, 36 or 48 volts, and fully recharge by plugging the cart charger into a regular outlet. They offer a quiet, more peaceful ride, and do not generate fumes or scents. 


Yes. You can schedule a service or repair online or call one of our service departments if you need emergency assistance call +971506229908.

We maintain the largest parts inventory for the various carts we sell and maintain. This assures that there are virtually no delays in repairing your cart and most times repairs are generally completed on-the-sport or by the next day.

Within our local service area 1 day! Outside our area 2 -3 days.

Most golf carts have a life expectancy of around 5-7 years before the cost of repair and battery replacement kicks in. If it’s minor issues then feel free to ask for a quotation on the golf cart part that needs replacement. If the cart has many issues, then it’s better to buy new.

It depends on how much your golf cart is being used. You should have the golf cart serviced minimum twice per year. More specifically, we recommend having your cart serviced by a trained technician every 75 hours of use.

Yes definitely! In fact we excel at preventive maintenance plan for club cars and all golf cart models. Our plans can be customized to your requested number of visits but the standard is monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance.

Yes! We have a professional team of paint technicians who can fix your golf cart body back to new at half the cost of purchasing a new one.

For chargers with a manual timer usually 6-8 hours. As a rule of thumb: double the charge time of estimated use. For example: If the cart was used for 3 hours charge for 6 hours. If you have an automatic charger just plug it in. It will shut off when the batteries are fully charged.

Golf cart batteries that have been properly maintained will generally last between 5-6 years. It is important to use the maintenance suggestions above to extend the life of your batteries.

We supply Trojan Battery, US Battery, and Global Battery. We carry deep cycle batteries in all voltages (6V, 8V, 12V). Please contact one of our parts or service departments if you’re unsure of which batteries you need.

When batteries are connected in a series as they are with golf carts, you will need to replace an entire set rather than single batteries. Each battery within the pack needs to be of approximately the same age, size and usage level. Do not put a new battery in a pack that has over 50 charge cycles on it. Instead replace with all new or with a good used battery of approximately the same age.

Our largest event holds over 600 golf carts, We can do up to 750.

We may be able to offer a bulk discount if you rent more golf cars.  You may send us a request at stating the quantity you are interested in.  

Yes, we can provide you with a team of trained club car technicians ready 24/7 at your event.

Yes. We can rent or sell wheel chair accessible carts, ambulance/medical carts, catering carts, people movers, shuttle buses. You name it, we rent it!