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Authorized Dealer And Service Center For LVTONG Golf Carts ABU Dhabi, UAE

If there’s one thing that LVTONG electric golf carts are known for, it’s superior performance. Founded in 2004, LVTONG is a world-renowned Chinese automaker with more than 20 years of history producing some of the market’s most outstanding electric Golf Carts. Infusing its vehicles with advanced German on-road and off-road capabilities, the brand promises nothing outlives an Lvtong. Its elite range of electric golf cars, people movers, sightseeing busses, E1-Car, classic cars, and AC electric vehicles feature heavy duty shock absorbers, aluminum chassis, Toyota controllers, and luxuriously finished seats, matched by an impressive motor power, battery efficiency, and driving capability. If you want to maintain the new look and feel of your Lvtong golf carts, and ensure it runs optimally at all times, then make sure to bring it to Happy Jump in Mussafah– the authorized Lvtong service center in Abu Dhabi.

Authorized Distributor And Service Center For All Lvtong Golf Carts

As the official Lvtong electric golf carts repair center in Abu Dhabi, our team of highly skilled golf cart technicians and specialists makes full use of their knowledge and expertise to provide the highest level of vehicle servicing to all of our customers. Our team is trained by the direct manufacturers, giving each customer the peace of mind that there’s an expert they can turn to keep their Lvtong car in excellent condition.


LVTONG Golf Carts Repair Specialist Delivering Top-Notch LVTONG Maintenance & Repair Services In UAE

With over 10 years of experience to our credit, we have helped countless LVTONG clients maintain their vehicles without worry. Our team of highly experienced and skilled technicians also holds a specialty in repairing any and all issues that might prevent you from driving your prized vehicle. Whether you require our services for Lvtong golf carts repair in Abu Dhabi or need us to help you with Lvtong electrical repair in Abu Dhabi, we are here to serve you. What truly adds value to our services is the fact that we use only original manufacturer parts, ensuring that your golf cart is back on duty as soon as possible at the lowest serviceable rate in the UAE.

Timely & Cost-Effective Services Are Guaranteed

We understand that when your Lvtong golf cart breaks down, it induces a lot of stress, and you would love to get your vehicle back to servicing guests and staff as soon as possible. Whether you require help with Excar mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, paint job, refurbishment or need our technicians to immediately come for inspection, we are here to serve you in a timely and pocket friendly manner. With us around, you can expect an onsite inspection in less than 24 hours.

As the authorized Lvtong electric golf carts dealer in UAE, we offer Lvtong golf carts for sale, as well as repair services covering the following models.

Our Scope of Lvtong Repairs and Services Include


For further details about the services we offer, or to book an appointment with our Lvtong service center to have your golf car repaired or inspected, please feel free to get in touch with us on +97126440143 or +971566155507. You can also drive into our facility in Mussafah Abu Dhabi UAE.


The price of an electric golf cart can vary based on the model, buildout, and functional capabilities. We can be reached at if you would like an estimate on the best golf cart prices in UAE.

The typical range of an electric golf cart / Club car is 50 to 75 Kilometers on a fully-charged battery.

It is recommended to begin charging an electric golf cart once it reaches 20% battery level. A typical charge from 20% to full can take between 6-8 hours. If you have an automatic charger just plug it in. It will shut off when the batteries are fully charged.

Depending on the controller, the best golf carts have an average speed of 25Km/h with the max reaching 40Km/h.

Yes! At Happy jump we offer rental services for 2 seater club cars, 4 seater club cars, 6 seater club cars, 8 seater club cars, cargo box vehicles, club cars with wheelchairs for those handicapped, ambulance/medical carts, catering golf carts, people movers, shuttle buses. You name it, we rent it!

Here are several ways you can maintain your club car golf cart for efficient working:

  • Check battery water levels and keep it maintained. 
  • Clean and lubricate the moving parts. 
  • Replace tires and brakes when worn out.
  • Check that all electrical components are working well. 

If this is too much to handle, Happy Jump offers maintenance services for club car golf carts in the UAE. 

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